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Company geography

Brand «Praskoveyskiy» unites the group of companies, located in Russia and Europe (France, Bulgaria) and high-quality alcoholic beverages engaged in production. The range of products totals more than 40 names. For all enterprises existence of modern plants and own vineyards which total area exceeds today 450 hectares are characteristic.

Praskoveya Winery

One of the largest wine-making enterprises of Stavropol Territory, JSC Praskoveyskoye, reckons the history in 1898. For the past 120 years the plant of provincial level became the large international company with the wide product range.

From 30th years of the last century on the basis of Praskoveyskiy plant works on distillation of wine materials and production of cognac alcohols are conducted. Cognacs and wine of Praskoveya were famous at all times for excellent quality, receiving high awards at professional exhibitions.

Cognac production — is pride and the enterprise card. Drinks distinguish softness, silkiness, refinement, refinement and a bouquet harmony.

Now JSC Praskoveyskoe continues to follow traditions of winemaking, letting out high-quality production which is in invariable consumer demand.

Chateau Saint Martin de la Garrigue

In the center of the French region Languedoc-Roussilon Saint-Martin de la Garrig's (Saint Martin de la Garrigue) estate - one of the most beautiful wine-making farms in the south of France which owner since 2011 is JSC Praskoveyskoe is located.

Over multi-colored rags of lands with vineyards, gardens of olives and the reserved woods with garrigues (garrigue - thickets of low growing bushes and fragrant herbs) the charming lock with the main case constructed in 1557 in style of Renaissance towers. It is adjoined by a chapel of the beginning of the IX century, built, according to chronicles, on a place of ancient pagan temples…

Vineyards are located on hills opposite to the sea and thanks to the sea breezes bringing with freshness and moisture, well cope with summer heat. The Mediterranean climate and softness of temperatures promote good maturing of grapes. Air is filled with aromas of pine needles, almonds, a lavender, a thyme, rosemary and a rockrose. Unique soil climatic conditions together with technologies of reasonable land use allow economy to make the magnificent terruarny wines receiving high marks of leading wine guides of the world.

Chateau de Saint-Louis

Shatto de Sent-Lui's acquired by JSC Praskoveyskoe in 2012 the estate, is located at the massif bottom Korbyer, to Languedoc-Roussilon - the legendary wine-making region of France.

Continuous collision between cool and dry winds from land and soft, damp winds of the Mediterranean wonderfully affects properties of grapes and allows to make bright wines with big variety of characters.

Now the area of economy of Shatto of Saint-Louis makes about 120 hectares, from which 40 hectares in bonus to the apellasyena Butenak. The estate is one of the largest producers of wines in Korbyere. Production of economy receives high marks of authoritative wine guides and an award of prestigious competitions of the world.

Wine Union

The joint Bulgaria-Russian company "Vinarski Sjyuz" ("Wine Union") is created in Bulgaria in 2011 on the basis of the operating Vinodelnya — Raynov and Sons enterprise with JSC Praskoveyskoe participation. The enterprise is in the northeast of Bulgaria, near border with Romania and the great Danube River.

Vineyards are put on the southern slopes from rods of the French nursery. Productivity is controlled (no more than 70 centners from hectare) for the purpose of receiving quality berries with excellent taste. The main grades — Sauvignon Blan, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

After two years from the moment of the basis new, in legal sense, the enterprises, small family winery with JSC Praskoveyskoye support considerably I changed: now it is modern winery with capacity up to 1,5 million bottles a year, with a full cycle of production: from grapes cultivation before pouring of ready wine in the bottles, equipped with the modern Italian equipment, a wine cellar. The main range is presented by a series of wines under the Praskoveyskoye brand which production is carried out according to the technological instructions developed in JSC Praskoveyskoe.