120 years of skill

Reference point

Praskoveya village is founded in 1781 on command of the empress of Russia Catherine the Great.

Settlement basis

From the moment of basis, Praskoveya, along with the cities of Kizlyar, Stavropol, Georgievsk and others, was intended for creation of the Azovo-Mozdoksky line of protection of the southern boundaries of Russia from invasion from Turkey. All new settlements pass under patronage of the governor general of Novorossiysk, the Azov, Astrakhan and Saratov Kray of the Lightest prince Grigory Aleksandrovich Potemkin.

To Praskovey's village landless peasants from the central region of Russia move. Such decision allowed not only to strengthen state boundaries, to give the fertile earth to hardworking peasants, to be released from potential dissatisfied and forcedly jobless people, but also to create in the south of Russia not superfluous for the state and the Russian army a powerful food reserve.

First plants

Fedor Afanasyevich Rebrov and his son Alexey Fedorovich became ancestors of industrial winemaking in the region. Along with other agricultural activity, they successfully cultivated grapes and constructed winery on production of sparkling wines.

«Rebrovsky champagne» - the brand of wine which is widely known in Russia at the time of emperors Alexander I and Pavel I.

In the economic review of provinces for 1889 it was noted: In the Praskoveysky volost 1324 vineyards occupying the space in 1168,28 arpents. In Praskovey's village there are 2 wine-making plants.

History milestones

On May 15, 1898 Management of duties decided to construct a state wine warehouse in Praskoveya village. With this date there begins the history of modern production holding JSC Praskoveyskoye.


The state wine warehouse for production and pouring of wines got down to work, smoothly delivering wine to Stavropol Territory and other regions of Russia.

1917 - 1921

Revolutionary events of 1917 didn't avoid Praskoveysky winery: production of wines was frozen for some years up to 1921 when in the country the stage of rapid development of wine growing and winemaking began. The plant resumed work.

1941 - 1945

Before arrival of Germans to Praskoveya in August, 1942 the state farm and winery continued to work, sending on the front alcohol. Before the leaving Germans blew up everything that could blow up. Despite all weight of working conditions, in 1943 the collective managed to restore capacities and successfully coped with field works on vineyards and fields.

1945 - 1960

During the post-war period productivity of vineyards was brought to 13 tons from hectare. For heroic work 72 employees of state farm and winery are awarded by various high government awards.

Collection of wines

Respect for art of winemaking was brightly shown and that at plant in 1945 the collection of wines, one of the very few in Russia is created.

In the collection of wines of Praskoveya the unique wines made by plant for all its history, such as «the Muscat Praskoveysky», «Prikumskoye white», «Amber of Stavropol Territory», «Bouquet of Prikumya», «Praskoveyskoye red» and others are gathered.

Total number of samples on the present makes some tens of thousands of bottles. This original national treasure.

Cognac production

n 1946 at plant the cognac section was created. In 1966 according to the the Government's decision on the basis of winery of the village of Praskoveya it was decided to organize powerful cognac production of the state scale.

Praskoveya was the homeland of many vintage wines of Russia, and workers and specialists of winery had almost century experience of production of high-quality wines and vodka.

For realization of this task in the 60th years to Praskoveya to a position of the cognac master the graduate of the Krasnodar polytechnical institute Vladimir Dmitriyevich Kostin was directed on work. The young cognac master investigated water sources of the region and found (by means of locals) springs with argentiferous water. This water doesn't spoil, has fine taste and as well as possible is suitable for a cognac blend.

For organisation of the production at the highest professional level the state farm organized to the master expensive training which took place at homeland of cognacs — to France. "Blind" tastings confirm that cognacs of Praskoveya don't concede to the best cognacs of France.